February 1, 2014: Our Texas Stuff Heads North

The Ralstons had the truck all packed up in Texas yesterday but they had stuff scheduled for today so waited until today to get on the road. They were originally planning on leaving very late tonight and driving during the night because there is less traffic and Art prefers, like I do, to drive at night. We have all been watching the weather, though, and they decided that they needed to be on the road earlier than later and ended up just hopping into the truck and taking off early in the afternoon in an attempt to avoid the worst of the weather along the route.

They made okay progress today. They got to Tennessee, but only to Jackson, and not nearly as far as they had hoped. Lots of rain and a twenty foot box truck is no fun to drive. Art said that the truck is absolutely packed to the hilt. Everything is squeezed in as tightly as they could manage. There is a lot of stuff on that truck and some stuff had to be left behind, but relatively little.

We did not do very much today. We know that this is our last weekend to relax before we have a ton of unpacking and organizing to do and shortly after that dad comes to visit and Dominica goes to the Bahamas so we will be extremely busy.

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