February 15, 2014: Weekend with Grandpa

Now for my long weekend. We have not heard anything from Dominica or Katie yet on their voyage. Today is their day in Nassau for the bulk of the day. The only day that they have any significant time on the ground in the Bahamas. I have been attempting to keep track of their progress via the online ship tracking sites but since they checked in at Freeport the ship has not checked in again so we only know where they are via their itinerary and not from anything solid.

Liesl had been asking for bagels this week and I had promised her that I would get them for her today. Dad said that he had never had a bagel before. I was pretty incredulous. So I ran out to Daily Bagel and got a dozen bagels and some turnovers for everyone and came back home.

This morning dad looked into mounting the television in the living room over the fireplace. This would be the same television that we had mounted up there back when Liesl was born and that we took with us to the apartment in Texas and then to the house in Texas where Dominica and I used it in our bedroom and never, in the more than three years that we had that house, managed to get around to wall mounting it (which I suppose ended up being a good thing.) So I ran out to Best Buy and picked up a wall mount for the television.

Dad worked on the television mount and I worked on some certification work that demanded my attention. I had a bit of work that needed to be done but I got it done today which felt good. Now I don’t have that hanging over my head for the rest of the weekend.

Once we had the television mounted I tracked down the PS3 and got that hooked up so that we could actually watch things in the living room. We talked about watching “Return of the Jedi” but Liesl said that she had a hard time remembering and understanding what had happened in the first two movies and dad had not seen them in forever so we watched those again. First “Star Wars” which I watched with them when we ordered dinner from Nonna’s – pizza all around. The girls have been wanting pizza since Thursday night when we tried to order some but the shop was closed.

During “The Empire Strikes Back” I went down to the basement and worked through most of it. I just saw it so good time to work.

Tonight, while they were watching an iPad in bed, Ciana accidentally head butted Liesl and suddenly Liesl started crying.  Liesl said “She knocked my tooth loose!” and she was right.  Liesl’s lower front right tooth was very wiggly!  I think likely it was already loose and this just pushed it along.  We talked about it for a bit and she was upset at first but started to understand that it was a good thing and meant that she was growing up.  That helped a lot.  I think by the end she was pretty excited about it.

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