February 16, 2014: Movie Day

Now that we have the television up in the living room it is very tempting to use it quite a bit. Today, being the last day of just dad and I with the girls, we started by watching the recent 2005 Disney version of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” which Liesl really enjoyed. I remember now why I was not so happy with Disney’s version of the story – they had altered not just the timeline and events but did so to make the children much less innocent and much more naughty than they were in the books. It is a very odd change for Disney to have made and it slightly changes the flavor of the story.

After that movie we went right into “Prince Caspian.” Now I remember why I never really watched that movie again – it was completely altered from the books in really bad ways. I don’t really want Liesl to watch it now because it ruins the real stories by introducing all of this meanness and evil and were not present in the original story. Except for names and setting, the movie doesn’t follow the book at all, none of it. The people in the movie are really different characters than in the book. That does not make me happy. Nor does it make me happy that they made such a big deal about committing to making all seven movies and only bothered to make the three that everyone knew was all they ever intended to make.

We took a movie break for a while. Played a lot of board games with the girls today.

Liesl was very interested in her loose tooth all day.  This is her first day with it and she spent the day playing with it a lot.  It is getting very loose very quickly.

We snuggled in this evening and we watched “The Return of the Jedi”. Dad has been looking forward to seeing this one and Liesl is pretty excited. Luciana didn’t care and she set herself up with a little cave made out of their soft shares and a blanket and she took an iPad in there and camped out while we watched the movie. Liesl climbed into my lap and watched the entire movie on my lap snuggled in a blanket. She was riveted although we had to stop pretty often to explain what was happening in the movie and who was who. She really liked it.

After the movie Liesl asked if she could just go to bed tonight without a story because she was so tired that she could not handle reading a story. She is so funny.

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