February 17, 2014: Liesl Loses Her First Tooth

I got up early this morning, before seven, so that I could check on the ship’s status to see if Dominica and Katie got into port. Their ship was listed online as having arrived but I had no emails from them so I was figuring that they were still asleep. I got up and got a start on my day and it wasn’t long until I had an email from Dominica that they were up and getting ready to get off of the ship. She had had a blast on the cruise but was really exhausted and had a lot of travel yet in front of her.

I tried to do a bit of cleaning today to get the house ready for Dominica to return. She will be very happy to find the big 52” LCD up on the wall in the living room and the treadmill pretty much ready to use. And some more boxes moved and put away.

Around ten she got to the airport in Jacksonville, Florida and we talked via Facebook for probably an hour until she was on board her plane and she had to turn off her phone. I figured that I would shower then and head right on down to Brooklyn to get her. But as soon as we were done chatting Art needed me to work for twenty or thirty minutes so I did that and then showered and when I got out of the shower it turns out that I had just missed Liesl’s first tooth coming out. My dad had been with her when it came out. She was very excited to have lost it. He posted the news onto Facebook.

I rushed out to get down to Brooklyn, there was enough time if there was no traffic. I raced as best that I could. Westchester County was clear and I made great time until I hit the Whitestone Bridge and then traffic was pretty slow. But it worked out fine, Dominica had checked her luggage so she had to wait for that and she was only outside waiting for me for two minutes before I pulled up to pick her up. Had I been any earlier I would have to have made the loop or found “cell parking” which would have made it take much longer to go back to get her. So that was really ideal.

On our way home we decided to hit Friendly’s in Yorktown Heights for an early dinner while we were out. It was probably three thirty when we did that. We have not eaten at a Friendly’s in a very long time. Nearly five years, we guessed. I am sure that the last time is on SGL somewhere. I believe that we drove into Connecticut to do it back then, but I might be imagining that. We figured that this would give us a little time to catch up before going home too. We picked up take out for dad and ice cream for dad and the girls.

The girls were very excited when we got home, they really missed their mom. Liesl could not wait to show her the tooth that had come out. She is very excited about getting to put it under her pillow tonight and Liesl decided that she wanted to go to bed very, very early tonight around seven!

I had a short call to do but that was only about half an hour. That gave some time for Dominica to catch up with everyone. Then we all spent a little time in the living room but my seven thirty everyone was tired and we started the process of going to bed. As usual, that takes forever. Dad wanted to get to bed early too since he has to travel tomorrow morning back home via Amtrack. It took the customary sixty to ninety minutes to get the girls to bed. I read chapter six of “The Silver Chair” and while I read Dominica fell asleep on the girls’ bed. It took a bit to get her awake and into our room.

I tried to sneak into the girls’ room around eleven to replace the tooth with a dollar bill but when I did I found Liesl still awake. I was very sneaky, though, and managed to switch the tooth our without Liesl even guessing all while I was just talking to her. Go daddy!

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