February 19, 2014: Liesl’s New Level of Legos

Had to get up early this morning, heading out to a farther office today and need to stop by my desk first to pick things up. So my drive in was long today. I was in the office before eight and then out to the other one by eight thirty. It was a nice change of pace. Being at the other office means spending the first part of the morning doing “meet and greets” with some of my clients and then did a project with them until the middle of the afternoon. So a completely different day than my “every day” work which was really nice. Even though I probably did a lot more work than an average day today, it was completely fresh and different and that made it a lot more fun and relaxing.

I was over at the alternative site until two in the afternoon. Then back to my office where I had a few meetings and a very busy rest of the day.

I got home and Liesl and Luciana were busy playing with their Lego blocks. Liesl has had some Lego house kits since long before we left Texas but they were always too hard for her. Dominica worked with her today on them and she had a whole Lego setup going in the living room that she played with all evening.

Dominica and I talked about cruise options. She really wants to take the girls on a cruise sometime and we were trying to figure out how that would make sense and when we could do it. We are thinking that maybe a cruise to the Lesser Antilles would work. So much Caribbean cruising is just lame. We want to go to interesting places.

The evening flew by. All we did was discuss cruising and watching one episode of “The Mindy Project.” We got the girls off to bed later than we had intended, being after ten. I read “The Silver Chair”. I think that this story is harder for the girls to follow and is losing their interest. I am not sure but I don’t think that Liesl is keeping up with the story like she did with the last ones.

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