February 24, 2014: Getting Into TED Talks

Back at work today. The weather was good. Not warm but clear and not super cold. Got into the office early. Today was a pretty good day, very quiet.

On the drive home I finished reading “The Young Unicorns” and started reading “An Endless Ring of Light” which is the last of the “Austin” novels that was written prior to be childhood. There is a later novel that I also plan to read that was written after I had graduated from high school. I find the book series from L’Engle that I have been reading are very fascinating because the series were written starting in the very late 1950s, when my parents were in middle school, but were not finished until the mid of the 1990s when I was starting college. “The Young Unicorns” has, as all of L’Engle’s books seem to, some really ridiculously technology whims that make no sense, even in the context of the era in which it was written, but the storyline and writing is better as it is from a better era of L’Engle’s writing.

I got to watch quite a few TED talks today which was very enjoyable. I’ve learned that my dad is hooked on TED conferences now. I assume that I introduced him to it but I don’t actually know. So I am trying to catch up a bit so that I can follow along with him. So much good material available via TED.

While I was at work today, Dominica assembled one of the office desks that we have at home and set that up in the basement.

This evening I got home and within about half an hour Luciana asked if she could just go to bed. This was early enough that we were pretty surprised but you don’t want to deny a child going to bed when she wants. So we did the night story reading around eight and Luciana was off to bed. Liesl stayed up with us for an hour or two and discovered her first anime series that she started watching and seems to really like. It is a Japanese show but the setting is Germany, not far from where we were while we were last there.

We got to bed decently early tonight. I was pretty exhausted after last night so was glad to get some sleep.

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