February 25, 2014: I am 38

Like many birthdays, this one snuck up on my. Thirty eight years old. Very hard to believe. I rarely actually feel that old but, sometimes. I didn’t rush to work this morning, it is my birthday. I get to at least not go in early. So I got in around nine.

Today was a pretty quiet day overall. Not much going on. Got lots of birthday wishes at the office and even a card.

I am on call this week so I came home slightly early so that I would not be driving during the “transition to on call” hour. The evening was pretty quiet. Dominica and I tried to watch some more of “Last Man Standing” but the second season is completely different than the first and is horrible. The show went from really enjoyable and fun and something that we really enjoyed watching to something I did not even want to sit through in a single season. I can’t believe that they have kept it on the air.

Once I got home, Liesl ran to the basement and quickly made me a wonderful birthday card with a drawing of her and me holding hands.  🙂  She is so sweet.  These are the best cards.

Went to bed on the early side. We didn’t do anything special food-wise for my birthday since I am on my diet again.

One of my quietest birthdays ever. I read “The Silver Chair” to the girls and we were all off to bed.

You know that your birthday is not a big event to you when you are writing your blog post about your birthday and when you start writing it you forget that it is even your birthday!  Even after writing the date down, it didn’t occur to me right away!

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