March 6, 2014: Offsite Day

Today was an interesting day for me.  I got to head into the office as normal this morning but was only there for half an hour at most before running out to another office site where I would be working for the rest of the day directly with another team.  I love these days, not because the work is more fun but only because the change of pace is so dramatic.

So I got to spend the entire day offsite in an office doing very different work that I normally do on a day to day basis and dealing with different people than I normally deal with.  This breaks up my week and almost feels like I had a day off from work.  None of the normal drudgery, even different views out of the windows.  Being an extrovert is handy, all it takes is a day in a different office with different people to talk to to make it seem like I completely had the day off.

Nothing too exciting to report today but it was a good day overall.

Some cleaning tonight as we have guests coming for the weekend tomorrow night.

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