April 10, 2014: Spiralizer

Slower day at the office today.  Nothing to mention.  Went fine.

Dominica is excited about the new “Spiralizer” that she got this week.  It is a kitchen appliance that was very inexpensive that takes normal vegetables (zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.) and turns them into strands like spaghetti which, obviously, you can then use as a pasta replacement.  Very healthy and quite tasty.  She has been quite excited about it so we are trying new dishes nearly every day.

Dominica is working hard and working through our backlog of food in the house and so it has been menu by availability recently.  Tonight she made chocolate cupcakes for us too.

Luciana did her “daddy is home, I’m going to bed now” thing and was off to bed by eight.