April 18, 2014: Good Friday Trip

I have today off because it is Good Friday. We slept in this morning but once we were up it was just time to pack everyone up and get ourselves on to the road. So it was quite late morning before we actually got moving and out the door.

The drive north to Frankfort was fine. The weather is nice but slightly chilly. We stopped at the Starway Diner that we like and got ourselves some lunch. The girls shared a pancake. At first they accidentally brought a chocolate chip pancake that the girls agreed to try but neither of them was willing to eat. They take after me in that way. So that made lunch take much longer than it should have.

We got to Frankfort in the mid afternoon. Liesl was especially excited to get to play with the other set of the Shera toys of her mother’s that her grandfather had promised to find in the attic for her. Sadly, he had not been able to locate them in the last few weeks. Liesl was very disappointed. Luciana said that she would go look and she went upstairs and came down a little later and told us that she had found the toys. We were rather incredulous but someone went upstairs with her and, lo and behold, the still two year old had actually found the box that no one knew about in a room where no one looked and there were the toys that have been sought for weeks!

This evening we went to the Kitlas for dinner. A Friday night traditional around here.

Tonight, I found Liesl upstairs at one point visibly upset. She was sitting in the empty room just sitting on the corner of a bed. I spent twenty minutes sitting with her before I could get her to tell me anything about what might be wrong. And even then I had to guess everything. I eventually, from playing a game of twenty questions where she would only shake or nod her head, worked out that she had had an accident downstairs and that she had dropped grandma’s iPad and she thought that she had broken it. It took a lot of running up and down the stairs and cajoling to eventually convince Liesl that she had dropped it but not damaged it. There was a piece of the case that her grandmother had broken off long ago and Liesl thought that that was the iPad itself and was sure that she had been the one that had broken it. Poor little girl.