April 19, 2014: Man of Steel

Luciana got Dominica up this morning and climbed into bed to snuggle with me after Dominica got up.  Luciana fell back asleep and we snuggled for at least half of an hour before Liesl woke up and once she was up Luciana got up and they went downstairs to play.

I spent most of the day sitting in the kitchen with the laptop working. I got a lot done, so that was good.

For lunch we got pizza. But Big Willy’s was closed so we could not get my favourite pizza.

This afternoon I had to work for an hour or two for the office too. But it went pretty quickly, not a big deal at all.

This evening I watched “Trouble with the Curve” which was actually a pretty good movie. Good people and a decent story. Mostly predictable, but everything out of Hollywood is these days. You can’t expect too much.

Once it was late, everyone came into the living room and we all watched the Superman series reboot “Man of Steel” which was actually really good. I really dislike comic book and super hero stuff but I have always liked Superman, maybe because it was the only one of those that was really a part of my childhood. The original Superman movie was so good. This, though, is a legitimate reboot of the series that has a lot of potential.