April 20, 2014: Easter in Frankfort

Dominica’s parents went to morning mass and we got to sleep in. Dominica was the first one up and not long after her, Luciana came downstairs and just sat in the kitchen with Dominica watching a show on her iPad, probably “Blues Clues” because that is her show this month, it would seem. Liesl has been enjoying going back and watching “Blues Clues” with Luciana. It has been quite a long time since Liesl watched those and she is feeling nostalgic, I think.

Liesl came downstairs but because her grandparents were not home yet she was told to not look around and try to see any eggs to find. So she sat on Dominica’s laptop with her eyes closed and her hands over her face to make sure that she would not see anything by accident. She is so good. She would never try to cheat the game. She really tries to always play by the rules. It was so sad, though, as she could not do anything but sit there covering her face. I asked her if she wanted me to carry her back upstairs with an iPad so that she could watch something in bed until it was time for the Easter Egg hunt and she liked that idea.

Once Dominica’s parents were home I went upstairs and got Liesl (who was not engrossed in her show and not nearly as interested as she was before) and brought her down. We put the two girls at the base of the stairs and Luciana had found two eggs before we even said “go.”

The girls had great fun. Liesl, of course, found the bulk of the eggs. She found about 25 and Luciana found about 15. We had hidden 42, so two are now missing. It could be months before those are found.

At one thirty we went to Aunt Barb and Uncle Joe’s house in Frankfort for Easter dinner. Not a huge crowd today, just the ten of us (Dominica’s grandfather was there too.) After we ate Dominica and I took the girls out into the back yard where they just played and played. The weather was great – warm and sunny and the ground was not wet so they were able to just hang out and have a good time. We walked all over the yard and learned about pine trees and spruce trees and pine cones and all kinds of things. Liesl has decided that she wants to collect plant parts that she finds so that she can learn about them. She is also very excited about going to Florida soon because she will have a chance to get shells for her shell collection. She collected some on the beach in Barcelona two years ago but accidentally left the shells on a bus somewhere and is still sad about that.

For just a little bit before we the twins came by. Liesl and Luciana are so excited to get to play with the not quite six month olds. They had a great time.

By five we really had to get on the road to drive back to Peekskill. The traffic ended up being great, though. We made the drive in just three and a half hours which is unheard of for returning from Frankfort on a Sunday evening after a holiday. We were very happy about that. Liesl, however, is losing her ability to handle long car drives and thinking that these short trips in New York are the longest things ever. She has already forgotten are very regular drives across Texas that were much, much longer and just as regular, if not moreso.

Once we got home we cleaned for about an hour before Katie arrived from South Jersey. She is staying for a couple of days with us while she is working in Manhattan. She ended up sleeping in the guest bed in the girls’ room and the girls moved back to their bunk bed. They have been opting to sleep in the queen bed most of the time when given their druthers.