April 21, 2014: Under the Weather and Katie Visits

I felt pretty awful this morning when I got up. I was tired and I could barely open my eyes. Thankfully Dominica had gotten up super early so that she could take Katie to get on the seven o’clock train down to Manhattan so that I could get some more sleep. She woke me up before she left but it got me probably an extra hour of sleep or more which, apparently, I really needed.

The weather was great this morning. The drive in was fine. I stopped and got a breakfast sandwich along the way.

Work was fine today. Super busy, but fine. I did not get to come home until a little on the late side.

I had been expecting that Dominica was going to get Katie at the train station around five but instead of a short day in the city she ended up working all evening. So we did not see her until late.

We watched some “Frasier” and relaxed. I still felt crappy like maybe I have a cold or allergies or possibly pink eye. I would have gone to bed early but Katie wasn’t expected until around eleven. We got the girls off to bed before I went downtown to the station to get her.

We had a big fight between the girls tonight after they were supposed to have gone to bed. We found Luciana kicking Liesl in the face to keep her away from her (Liesl’s) CareBear that she sleeps with. So they had to be separated. Poor Liesl, she doesn’t fight back and all and just takes all of the abuse. Luciana was sentenced to sleeping alone and lost her iPad privileges and Liesl got to go sleep with mommy and daddy tonight.