April 23, 2014: Planning for Europe Again

Got up this morning and before I was out of the shower Liesl had snuck into our room and snuggled with Dominica.

I worked from the house for about an hour this morning as there was so much to be done that I needed to make sure that work was moving forward prior to doing the long commute in.

The weather is gorgeous today. When I got in my car I discovered that the fuel efficiency had gone up, again. It is now 35.2MPG. I wish that I could get my day to day average as well. More information about the fuel efficiency would really be helpful. But boy is this car cheap to operate.

Today was incredibly busy in the office. I managed to finish reading “Troubling a Star”. I have “House Like a Lotus” that I am reading on the Kindle to finish yet and once that is done I can use my Audible to listen to “An Appropriate Time” and with that one, I will be all done with this series of books that I have been working on for quite some time. Since I need to wait before reading that last one via Audible I started rereading Irene Hunt’s “Up a Road Slowly” which I also read when I was young. I wish that I had records of when I read these things now as I have no idea at what age I read them or in what order and, in some cases, if I have read them at all.

My Wifi USB dongle arrived from Amazon today. That is for my desktop so that we can hook it up in our bedroom so that I do not have to go down to the living room to use a laptop or the basement to use the desktop and so that Dominica and I are not sharing desktops which drives us both crazy.

Katie arrived at the house in the late afternoon. She and the girls watched “Frozen” again. Dominica tells me that this was the girls’ third time through it today. They really love that movie. They have several “Frozen” books now too. Each of the girls got one for Easter.

I had a late day at the office because there was a technology showcase this evening after normal business hours that we were expected to attend. The upside is that it is different than normal work and it provides a “hard stop” to the day, but the downside is that it goes late and doesn’t assist in taking care of excess workload which has been a challenge the last week and a half.

There was food and drinks at the event this evening, which was nice. Goat cheese stuffed dates and a cheese selection for me. And wine. The event went late, nearly till eight which made for a very late night and later than I had been expecting. It was nine when I walked in the door at home.

Katie had attended a Netgear and Veeam event today which is why she was in town. She was exhausted after an evening of the high energy wonder twins playing with her all day. Luciana was worn out from all of the play time and put herself to bed shortly after I arrived home. Liesl stayed up until everyone went to bed, pretty much.

Dominica and I did a bit of discussing of our vacation plans for Europe later this year. We are trying to figure out what we want to do. There is a decent change that I will be in Barcelona for work in October so we are trying to figure out if we can connect the vacation time to that to make better use of the time.