April 24, 2014: Changing Driving Routes

I slept in a bit this morning. Another bright, warmish morning, below fifty degrees, though. Liesl and Katie were up and playing before I left for the office.

I took the highway into the office today, my first time taking it “to” the office rather than just “from” the office. The new construction on 35 is so bad that I need an alternate route. It adds thirty to sixty minutes to my morning drive!

Had sushi for lunch today and then in the middle of the afternoon we had a surprise tune tartar station in the office which was excellent.

Another extremely busy day in the office. I am really getting worn out. But I am keeping productive and getting just tons done.

I got home at seven this evening. That was really nice. (Boy is it sad that now I am excited to be home at seven when I used to be home by five when we were in Texas. No wonder the girls feel like they never see me.)

I ate dinner with Dominica while we watched an episode of “Frasier”; Dominica made sweet and sour veggie chicken and rice tonight. After we ate I played Skunk Bingo with the girls for a little bit which they love and then Dominica and Liesl went out to Walmart to go shopping.

Last weekend, Liesl had asked me if she could go shopping to buy a birthday present for Luciana. She really wanted to pick out a new doll for her because, Liesl said, “Luciana doesn’t have enough dolls of her own.” She likes sharing with Ciana but wanted her to have more that were expressly hers. Very sweet. But Luciana got a Doc McStuffins doll for her birthday that Luciana had requested. So tonight Liesl was going to Walmart to go look for something else for Luciana. They were gone for a little under two hours.

While Ciana and I were home alone she asked me to put on Kai-Lan on the big screen and to snuggle with her on the couch, which I did for a few episodes. We had a nice time just the two of us. After two episodes she declared it to be bedtime and took the orange (covered) iPad up to Dominica and my room and put herself to bed in our bed and fell asleep after not too long.

Dominica used Luciana’s birthday money to buy her a “Big Wheels” tricycle that she can ride around in the parking lot and Liesl got her a present that I am not allowed to see until tomorrow.

We put on the “Odd Couple”, the original 1968 film, and the three of us watched about half of it before I declared it to be bedtime for all of us and we all went to bed.