April 5, 2014: Rug Doctoring the Peekskill House

Slept in very late this morning.  Feeling good after that.  I slept in so long that Liesl came and climbed into bed with us.  She is so snugly.  But we couldn’t stay long because Liesl wanted her morning chocolate milk.  So I got that and an iPad for her and she hung out in bed for a while relaxing and watching a show.  Luciana slept in for another hour or two.

Dominica and I caught up on “The Mindy Project” today and then moved on to watching “Community”, which we love.

I used the Rug Doctor for the first time in Peekskill today and cleaned a large section of the living room carpet.  The carpets really need it.  They have not been cleaned at all since I did the shampooing with the Kirby five years ago.  I’ve done some hand scrubbing of the carpets during the past week and it left really obvious clean spots on the floor that look ridiculous.  So I am trying to get it all clean now.

Dominica ran out and did a little grocery shopping in the early afternoon.  We are low on things and she is making another batch of bagels today.

Dominica discovered a new BBC show (new to us, not new in general) that she started watching todayLark Rise to Candleford.  She watched a lot of that this evening.  I worked down in the basement, not wanting to get addicted to a new show.