March 19, 2014: Early Night But Working from Home

Another normal day at work. Nothing to report there. Somewhat of a stressful day but not horrible. I had to go home on the early side this evening because I have work to do late tonight from home so I wanted to get home and relax a little before getting started on that.

Tonight we decided to start watching Cheers again. It has been a few years since we last tried watching it. Dominica cooked dinner when I got home, which was not too late probably around seven, and we had a relatively relaxing night. She made sausage and peppers wraps.

In between work Liesl had Dominica come upstairs and join her for a “Monkey King Party.” Something that she learned about from watching Kai Lan. Both girls have been loving that show recently and we hear about it all of the time. Luciana seems to like watching it more, especially the final episode of Season One where there is a Baby Panda when Kai Lan visits China. Luciana tells me that the panda’s name is watermelon but I have my doubts that that information is coming through clearly.

Luciana has been demanding that we read “The Chronicles of Narnia” at night again. We’ve taken some time off just because we have been busy and because the girls sometimes want to go to bed early and use the iPads instead. But Luciana obviously misses the story time and tells me that I have to go up and read to them now.

I worked for a little while but it did not go on for very long, it was relatively light work. Then I had a call for a little while and then worked late getting some WordPress stuff built for myself and talking to some people online.

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