March 28, 2014: Rocketships

It’s Friday!  I really need a Friday this week.  Very tired.  Just quite worn out.  It’s not been a bad week, just an exhausting one.  I was in my own office all day today, first time since Tuesday.

I did not have to work late today, it was nice.  I was out not too long after six and I was able to stop off at the deli on the way home for falafel pitas.  I brought them home and we ate and watched Cheers.  It was a nice, relaxing Friday evening.  Then we watched National Lampoon’s European Vacation as our entertainment for the evening.

Liesl’s project tonight was to get a packing box and she and Ciana coloured it all in to make it a “rocketship.”  She started asking to do that last night.  She had lots of fun but was very tired and had to go to bed before she was done.