March 29, 2014: Bladerunner

I slept in this morning, not getting out of bed until Liesl came in and jumped into bed with us after nine.  Boy did I need the extra sleep.  I have just been getting farther and farther behind recently.  Even after Liesl joined us, we stayed in bed for a bit and did not get up until Ciana went down to the basement and was calling for us.

Got up and we put on the original serious of Star Trek while we hung out in the living room.  Only a few minutes into it I decided to figure out how to work from my laptop while standing up.  I set up a box on the sideboard table that put a laptop at the right height so that I could stand and use it right next to Dominica and where I could watch the television.  This ended up being awesome because I could walk away from the laptop at any moment and do things and just walk right back to it anytime.  So nice.  If I sit on the couch I become “stuck” there with a laptop on my lap which is very hard to use.  And then the kids climb on me and knock things over.  Just this morning Luciana knocked over my coffee after knocking over two glasses of water last night.

Liesl and Luciana spent the whole day playing in the living room with us there.  Liesl was so excited to continue working on the cardboard box that she had turned into her rocketship last night.  She named it “Disco Rocketship.”  She and Luciana added a cargo bay to it and played with it much of the day.  They loved it.

The weather was awesome today.  It rained the entire day, from before we woke up until after we went to bed.  We had the windows and back door open part of the day because the house was so warm and Dominica was cooking.  So the girls decided to go out back and play on the deck for a long time.  They had a great time.  It is nearly fifty degrees today so they just played and played.

We did not do a lot today, but it was a good day.  Dominica made a couple really awesome meals and this evening she went shopping for a little while and came home just in time to help put the girls to bed.

Tonight we watched Blade Runner which Dominica has not seen since we were dating, probably in 2001.  That time was her first and it was the Director’s Cut on Laserdisc.  Last weekend I was talking to Dominica’s dad about Blade Runner and how if you watch the Director’s Cut without having seen the original how hard it is to follow the story because much of the explanation portions are missing.  Dominica overheard the conversation and decided that she needed to try watching the original cut now, about thirteen years later.  It is hard to believe that we have not watching this, my second favourite film, in all of that time.  We have owned the Collector’s Edition BluRay since it first released.

Dominica liked the movie far better this time.  She was able to follow it.  Such a good movie.

Some discussion of it on Mango Lassi too:

Microsoft Office is out for the iPad now and so I got that downloaded to check out today.  The apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.  I only got a brief chance to check them out but from a first look, they seem pretty awesome.