March 30, 2014: Standing Desk

Sunday at home with the family.  I slept in this morning and Dominica got up early and made home made scones.  They were amazing.  Last night she had started making clotted cream which was ready this morning.  So the whole family went scone crazy and we ate tons of scones this morning.  They and the clotted cream were amazing.

Today was my day to experiment with a “standing desk.”  I set up a laptop on the side table with some boxes stacked on it to make the laptop be right at the height that I need to be able to stand and work while being right in the middle of the living room.  So far I am really liking it.  I am so much more able to do things around the house while still keeping on top of things.  This is so much more conducive to the way that I like to work.  I can use the laptop but also do stuff around the house.

We watched more original series of Star Trek today and some more of Cheers.

Tonight we watched Houseboat which is always a good classic.