May 17, 2014: Saturday with Dad

This morning, Dominica went grocery shopping and dad and I stayed home with the girl.  We have been terribly low on groceries recently and we really needed some basics to get through the week.  We’ve been running lean on groceries and other semi-discretionary spending as we attempt to get back on top of our expenses after a very brutal winter of spending and the need to pay for Dominica and the girls’ upcoming Florida vacation in a few weeks.  We are doing fine, there have just been a crazy amount of bills that we’ve had to go through recently and it takes a little while to get back on top of them without taking drastic measures.

We just spent the day, mostly in the living room, hanging out.  No real plans or activities.  The girls have missed their grandpa so were all over him all day.

This evening we watched the latest Star Trek film: Star Trek: Into Darkness.