May 19, 2014: The Way

Last night, beforegoing to bed, Dominica and I set out the five donation boxes that were getting picked up this morning.  What a huge load out of the house that is.  The dining room is so much more open now.

When I left for work the boxes were still there.  I got into the office on the early side today and discovered, as soon as I arrived there, that I had Dominica’s car keys in my pocket from having to transfer things from one car to another!  I called and called trying to reach them at the house to let them know that I had the keys.  They had to get a taxi for dad to get him to the train station because Dominica was unable to locate the spare set of keys.  They are probably still boxed up somewhere at this point.  Although it is getting surprising that anything is still lingering in a box but there is definitely stuff that we are still unable to locate in the house.  So that was a bit of a pain but it let the girls stay home and not make a big production of getting dad off to the train station which is a bit of a effort with the girls, especially first thing in the morning when they would normally not even be awake yet.

On the way to work this morning I decided to try out a new path that I had researched a bit to adjust from the new route that I started taking last week.  This new route shortened my drive even farther and is much more scenic.  It is fewer miles and faster travel.  I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to figure out how to get to work this way.  This should make my commute a little bit better.

I worked late today, it was quite late when I got home.  Had to get the girls right off to bed.  We read more of “The Magician’s Nephew” tonight.  Liesl is still loving it.

This evening Dominica and I finally got around to watching the move The Way about the El Camino pilgrimage in northern Spain which we have been talking about doing for several years now.  We hope someday to do that trek with the girls when they are older.  The movie was pretty good although quite sad.