May 2, 2014: Last Night with the Family

Ah, Friday.  This week just flew by, I cannot believe how quickly it was Friday.  I barely noticed the time passing.  Unfortunately I assume that that means that the weekend will fly by in the same way and I will not notice that either.

Work was pretty good today.  Nothing really to note.  Not horribly busy.  I am on call this weekend so after happy hour rolled around and I got things wrapped up I headed for home around five thirty.  Did not actually make it out of the building until six, but it was still on the early side.  I wanted to get home and see the family a little as they are leaving for the weekend.

Got home and the plan changed to Dominica and the girls leaving for four days.  They will be back on Tuesday night.  It makes sense, they will get a lot more time with her parents and I will only barely see any less of them.  It will give me some additional time to get things done around the house.  I need the quiet from time to time to remain productive and during a normal week I might actually get zero alone time all day long.  I’m a social person but I require time alone to recenter and focus and if I don’t get it my head starts to swim and I just can’t accomplish anything.

Did some work tonight, a few hours of troubleshooting some issues online.  It was actually a very busy night but good work.  We had Frasier on while I worked and I just stood at my laptop behind the couch as I have been doing most of the time the last several weeks.

Read another chapter in “The Horse and His Boy” tonight.  Getting really near to the end now.  Hopefully we will wrap it up on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.