May 20, 2014: Learning New Routes

I woke up on my own at five thirty and managed to convince myself to get out of bed and head downstairs, set up the treadmill and actually work out! I am very proud of myself. I did a forty two minute workout which is my longest in quite some time. I was showered and out the door early today, long before I normally am.

I took the new, scenic drive to work today. I’m liking the new path a lot. A really big change of pace. It is so gorgeous driving along the lakes and discovering all of this awesome stuff near our house. I even managed to stop at Dunkin Donuts for a bagel on the way to work. It was nice being so early.

I hit horrible traffic down in Connecticut this morning, though. It took me almost two full hours to get into the office. That sucks. So even though I left nice and early, I was back to my normal time by the time that I arrived. What a waste.

I worked late and took the new route back home, my first time trying a new variation on the path to speed it up even more. I’m learning more and more of Westchester County with every jaunt back and forth. I have an even newer route to test out tomorrow.

I am continuously amazed by just how beautiful it is around where we live. It is really sad that we have so little opportunity to get out there and enjoy it. At least now that the sun is up longer I get some chances to actually see where we live as I drive through it.

I explored Valhalla, NY tonight. That is a really cute town.

I spent the evening on the couch with my two girls. They both snuggled with me there, while using their iPads, most of the short evening. Liesl has a new PBX Kids app on her iPad that she is enthralled with and she was completely into that the entire evening.

It’s only an hour and a half from the time that I get home until the girls are off to bed. It is very sad that our time together is so short.

Liesl told me tonight that she wants Subway for dinner tomorrow night. She is so cute.

I read another chapter in “The Magician’s Nephew” before putting the girls to bed tonight. Liesl is getting better about being willing to use her mouthwash now too. And Luciana loves getting her teeth flossed. She wants to do anything that her sister does.