May 3, 2014: The Girls Go to the Circus

This morning it was time for the girls to get packed up and to get on the road so that they could head up to Albany to go to the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus there with Dominica’s parents.  They did not have to leave really early since Albany is so much closer than our usual weekend trips.  While they were getting ready I ran out with the Spark and fueled it up and stopped by Dunkin Donuts to pick up food for the family.

Soon after I got back home the girls got on the road.  They made good time up to Albany although Dominica got lost trying to find her way around Albany but, funnily enough, she found herself following her parents down a back street so just followed them.

Liesl and Luciana had a great time at the circus.  They really enjoyed it.  They liked everything, all of the animals, the trapeze artists, etc.  Very different from me.  I am not a circus person at all.  I have never enjoyed circus entertainment.

I hit the basement and started cleaning things up today.  The house is a disaster.  It is really crazy just how bad the basement has gotten.  It is a very large space and you can’t walk through it without stepping on toys and all kinds of stuff.  There is no open space anywhere on the floor.  A real mess. I spent most of the day working on that.  Big progress but still a lot to go.  Nowhere near able to vacuum yet.  This is a major project.  Not only is there “stuff” everywhere but there is also tiny bits of Legos, paper cuttings, marbles and all kinds of minutia everywhere.  So no vacuuming until that has been addressed.

I got some writing done today as well and some miscellaneous stuff.  It is nice to have some alone time once in a while.  I don’t like it very often and I hate having the kids be away but I do appreciate having downtime for me to take in the quiet and get my head centered again.  On normal weekends there is so much “noise” and activity that I really can’t do anything because I am unable to focus.  So I need this from time to time.  I didn’t even turn on the television or radio or anything all day.  Just a quiet house.

After the circus Dominica and the girls went out to Frankfort and are going to stay there for four days.  They will not be home until Tuesday night.