May 5, 2014: Last Day Alone

Today is fourteen years of continuous production for Waste Watcher.  Hard to believe how long ago that way.  Today is also my last full day without the family, they will be home tomorrow night.  I hate being home without them for any length of time.  The basement looks great, though, the girls are going to be really surprised (Dominica already saw pictures of the hours of work that I did.)

Went to my office first thing this morning for a meeting and then immediately went over to the other office that I work at fairly frequently.  I was over there the rest of the day.  Actually worked until eight.  On the way home, since there was no one at home, I stopped to grab a slice of pizza and some pasta to go and came home.

Very little to report.  I literally worked all day, got home and it was straight off to bed.  The girls will all be home tomorrow.  It was a good night to work late since there was no one at home waiting for me.