June 15, 2014: Star Trek DS9 Day

It is Sunday and from what I can estimate today is going to be my final day alone at home. The family has been on the road all day today, they left Florida late last night and are driving all day today.

Today is my day to actually relax after working a lot yesterday. Yesterday was exhausting and stressful. So I decided to do very little today. I sat down and finally settled in to watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which I watched for a while when it first aired but I stopped watching probably around 1994 which was early in the DS9 run. I didn’t have television when I went to college so I missed a lot of things during that era. I keep hearing from people that it was a better show than what I remember it being and worth watching again. I tried watching it with Dominica a while ago but she was not really interested in watching it then so we pushed it off. So I am watching it on my own now.

I made it through more than half of the first season of DS9 today. While I watched it I put in a ton of work cleaning the living room. This was a lot of work because it has been being used as storage so it took a lot of work to get it cleaned up. I also, finally, set up our stereo in the living room. We have been avoiding doing that because we kept thinking that we were going to only do that in the basement but we have not made any progress at all in regards to getting our theatre set up down there so I resorted to at least having the stereo in the living room. Partially this was to clean up the living room some because the receiver that we will have, the Marantz, and the Totem speakers have been sitting around since we moved in to Peekskill and that doesn’t look very good while not providing us any usage.

I spent much of the day in the living room but it was looking pretty good by the end of the day. While going through boxes cleaning I came across some of the girls’ BluRays that Dominica has been looking for like Finding Nemo, Cinderella and Peter Pan.

This evening I decided to watch some movies. I watched Hot Tub Time Machine which I have not watched in a few years and have only ever seen once. Then I watched Super Troopers which I have surprisingly never seen.

While I was watching the movies I did a load of laundry and then it was time to get off to sleep.