June 3, 2014: Spring Rains

Normal day in the office for me today. I was pretty tired when I got up this morning as I only got three hours of sleep. But I was feeling okay.

When I headed for home today, it was dark and raining a little. It was raining and light thunderstorms by the time that I got home to Peekskill. So no trip to the playground or to the pool tonight. It was late, anyway, by the time that I got home. It was eight so not a good night for going for a walk anyway. I did bring home Dunkin Donuts for the girls, though, tonight.

It was a very short night for us. Liesl had taken an hour and a half nap in the middle of the day so was not too keen on going to bed tonight. But we convinced her to finally get going and the girls were in bed by a quarter after ten.

Dominica has been watching Game of Thrones and she watched that for a while. I continued my project of installing Atlassian software from yesterday and got Confluence installed tonight. I only had about half an hour before we went to bed. I didn’t even turn on the television for me at all tonight.

A short day overall. I needed some extra sleep.

Today is Tuesday. On Friday, the Toccos are coming to stay with us for the day and then they, and Dominica and the girls, are heading to Florida early on Saturday morning. Then starts my long week and a half alone.