June 6, 2014: Dominica’s Parents Arrive for Vacation

It’s Friday and my last day with the family before their long vacation. I was up quite early this morning having gotten a full night of sleep since we went to bed so early. I managed to get into the office on the early side today, which was nice. Work was fine today.

I left just a little early, at about a quarter till six, but traffic was horrible near the office, probably because of Metro North being down southbound into the City. So I was delayed a bit but once I was off of the highway there was no traffic. Dominica’s parents arrived at the house around four thirty and they wanted to get to dinner before it got too late so the whole family packed up and went to our local pizza place without me but I made very good time getting home so I met them there long before they had their pizza. The girls were excited that I met them there. We got two large cheese pizzas and only ate one, so I am going to have a lot of pizza this week being home alone.

After pizza we went out for custard for dessert. Then it was back to the house and immediately off to get everyone to bed. We have to be up at three tomorrow morning, we need to get right to bed tonight. The girls are sleeping on the air mattress in our bedroom which always makes it difficult to get off to sleep as they keep each other, and us, up.