June 7, 2014: The Family Leaves for Florida

I was not horribly tired when the alarm went off at a quarter after three this morning. Dominica was up and ready in a few minutes then I showered while she got the girls ready to go.

We got everyone loaded up and were out the door at four, as planned. The drive to get to the Taconic Parkway that we took today is actually the first time, ever, that Dominica has seen how I go to work in the morning, at least the first several miles of the trip. It was very dark, though, so she really did not get to see it at all.

The drive down to JFK went fine. I got them dropped off at five. The girls were both very sad that I was leaving them. Even Luciana was sad and said “I’m going to miss you!” Liesl was very melancholy, of course, and clung to me and kept blowing me sad kisses as I drove away. It’s going to be a long two weeks.

I got to the office just after six. It is the same distance to the office from JFK as it is from home to the office. But the roads are faster so I did pretty well, only about forty five minutes of driving. My first few hours were very uneventful and quiet.

This morning I finished reading “Dragons of Spring Dawning”, the last book in the Dragonlance Chronicles.  This is the last of the books that I read when I was young.  I’m going to tackle other books for a while but this was to prepare me to be able to go and read the now, since I was young and last read these, expanded Dragonlance universe books as it had been so long since I last read the Chronicles, easily a quarter of a century, that I needed a refresher before going back to them.

Work was, as expected, very slow today.  I got to the office at just last six in the morning and was nearly the only person there.  Even once people started to arrive between eight and nine, there were very few people.

I worked in the office physically until one in the afternoon.  Then I switched to the house and worked from there solidly until seven in the evening and kept an eye on things until about nine thirty.  I have the bedroom office at home finally set up now and am using the giant, pink yoga ball as an office chair which really puts a load on your leg muscles but is generally quite convenient.

I did some work this evening, got some things done.  Got caught up on SGL a bit.  It was such a very long day of driving and working that I mostly did nothing this evening.  I chatted with a bunch of people and got caught up on some little things.  But mostly relaxed.  It is going to be a long week or two without my girls though.