May 28, 2014: Back to the Playground

When I got home from work this evening we were out the door almost immediately to hoof it up the hill to go to the playground that we discovered over the weekend.  The girls were very excited to be getting to go back there.


The walk up the hill is pretty exhausting, but it is a good idea for us to do this every day.  Good exercise and it makes our evenings a lot more family oriented than if we stay in the house and it makes us less likely to eat.  Doing a walk like this when I get home is better than sitting around a table for food as far as getting family time in because we are all walking together and there is nothing to do except to spend time together and talk.

The girls had a great time on the playground this evening.  I can’t believe how well both of them do climbing up on everything.  Liesl is attempting to go up the big kid climbing ladder things on the outside of the playground unit.  She is still pretty scared to just climb them and needs me to stand with her but she is braver than she was over the weekend and is getting better at it.  She still wants me to stand with her though.

Liesl really wants to go down the fireman’s pole but is terrified of it and won’t try it.

Luciana thinks that it is great fun to pretend that the playground unit is a ship and that she is a pirate.  She runs all around being a pirate.

The walk up and back and time on the playground rapidly eats up our evening.  But it is a great way to spend the time.