May 29, 2014: More Playground

Thursday.  I am still reading “Dragons of Spring Dawning” during my commutes.  That is a very long book.

After work today the girls were ready when I got home and we were straight off to the playground again.  They are loving that we are able to do this when I get home from work and Dominica and I are loving how well it works for making our evenings function better.  The extra exercise is great for she and I but is really good in that it wears the girls out making them much better for getting to sleep when we get back from the playground.  And it improves the “daddy walking in the door” situation which is often me being attacked by the girls who want to talk or jump all over me or whatever before I am even through the door and that does not work well as I am always trying to shift from work and commute modes into home mode, to use the restroom, get changed, etc.

When they know that we are going to the playground, they know that they need to get ready and that I need to get ready and they are much happier to let me do so.  Then they can tell me about their days while we walk. So much better.

Both girls are improving each day that we go to the playground.  Liesl is still scared climbing a lot of the stuff but she tries really hard and does more each day. It is really impressive how much she pushes herself to do something that she is afraid of.  She just makes herself do it.  Still no luck on trying the fireman’s pole, though.