July 1, 2014: Training Day

I get a nice break from my normal routine in the office today and tomorrow, I am attending training. I have worked with the technology in question some but have never taken a class before so this is, I hope, going to be really good for me.

It is an all day class, more or less, so I went straight to class and was there all day. It is not elsewhere so I am not traveling today or anything like that. There was a lot of food provided in the class which was nice. Overall I had a good time. It was really nice because it provided a change of pace, was a class which I tend to enjoy and a chance to work with other people that I do not normally get to work with so that added a lot of variety too. It made for a good day and since I am doing this two days this week, which is already a short week, it is almost like I am only working a two day week this week! Feels a lot like a vacation.

Everyone back in Frankfort is still working on the house this week. They are doing some traveling too, though. Tomorrow they are off to be tourists for the day.

I worked a little late today doing real work for a few hours after my class was over.

Went home this evening and spent the evening up in the bedroom, again. Tonight I spent the evening doing an OpsCode Chef install and working on that for a few hours before heading off to bed. Still very lonely but knowing that this is a short week and having more social contact at the office helps. I’ll see the family again on Friday.