July 17, 2014: Country Fair

Today is the Country Fair at work. So tonight Dominica and the girls are driving out to join me. We have a hotel room tonight to make things easy. Right across the street from the office.

Work was fine today. Everyone was leaving slightly early because of the fair tonight which is very well attended in general. Overall, pretty quiet.

Dominica and the girls arrived in town after three and got checked into the hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn Norwalk. Ever since we used a Hilton in San Antonio, we have been hooked on using them. We pay more but the rooms are so nice and we get good points by being local so it seems pretty good for us. Dominica and Francesca used a Hilton Home2 property on their last drive up from Florida to New York too. So the girls had about two hours to just chill in the hotel room before I got over there to join them. I got out of work only about thirty minutes early.

We changed quickly at the hotel and then took the Acadia to Bridgeport for the event this evening. Traffic was bad getting out to Bridgeport, took at least forty minutes to get there which sucked. The girls were all tired of being in the car just from driving out to Norwalk!

The event was really cool. Liesl and Luciana had a great time. We got in the door and immediately got some Blue Moon beers for Dominica and I and fried Mac and Cheese, the girls got bandanas in their own colours and little kid cowboy hats to wear too! There was a ton of activities for them.

The first stop was the big bouncy slide. This was a huge double inflated slide, very tall. Maybe the biggest slide that the girls have done. I’m sure that it is the biggest that Ciana has done. At first only Liesl could do it, it was so hard to climb up. Luciana tried and decided that she couldn’t do it and just hung out with us while Liesl played there for a bit.

Of course we had to do face painting right away. Both girls love getting their faces painted so much. Liesl went for a flowery crown paint job and Luciana went for a full face tiger that was really awesome.

Our next stop was a bouncy house. There was a great bouncy house with lots of room to play. Luciana went straight in there and Liesl and Dominica went off for Liesl to take her very first horse ride ever! When Liesl was done with that she joined Luciana in the bouncy house, which had an smaller indoor slide too, for quite a while. They really loved that.

Then the pie eating contest was about to begin so I went to watch that and Dominica took the girls during the lull over to the carnival games area so that they could play a bunch of the silly carnival style games (throwing darts, popping balloons, etc.) when there were no crowds.

We did sand art and painted pottery. We got baked potatoes, traditional mac and cheese and some other food. While we ate for a bit the girls went off on their own to the big huge slide again when they were basically the only kids around and had it completely to themselves for probably twenty minutes. They had an awesome time doing that. They could just run up the slide as fast as they could do it, no other kids in their way. With no other kids there Luciana was brave enough and steady enough to do it without any problem. They were so adorable.

It was a quarter after ten when we left the event and drove back to Norwalk. So it was not long before eleven when we got in and we were off straight to bed. Originally Luciana and Liesl both got into bed to snuggle with me but after a little big Luciana decided that she wanted to snuggle her mommy (or she decided that she needed more space) and she moved over to be with Dominica. We tried ordering room service before going to bed but they closed a few minutes early and we didn’t make it in time so straight to bed for us.