July 19, 2014: Wii Day

After a bit of cajoling I convinced Dominica to go for a drive out to Bedford to go to the diner there because I was really feeling like their smoked salmon eggs benedict.  It was nearly one by the time that we made it out there.  The drive from here is just over half an hour and it turns out that we cannot do that anymore because both Dominica and Luciana were starting to get car sick from the drive.  One of the problems with living out here in the woods is that the roads are so crazy curvy everywhere that you go that you really cannot drive anywhere that isn’t on the expressway without it being a problem for people who have a tendency towards car sickness.

The food was excellent and everyone really liked it.  Dominica got the California omelette burrito which she loved.  The girls, of course, got pancakes.  They are pancake addicts.

After the diner we drove to Yorktown and did some video game shopping at the Game Stop there.  We picked up a Wii U Princess Peach Pink controller for Liesl to use on Wii-style games and got three used games for the girls, a Barbie Wii U game, a Diego Wii game and a Cooking Mama Wii game.  The girls were really excited.

We stopped quickly at a green grocer too that had live herbs for sale on display outside.  We picked up sage, basil and rosemary for the girls to grow in the house.  Then we headed back home as the girls were out of control restless and not able to handle being out anymore.

I played Wind Waker on the Wii U for a bit.  Maybe twenty or thirty minutes.  Luciana sat with me and watched, she likes watching me play that game because it tells a story.  Liesl eventually joined us and she was very insistent on showing me where to go and what to do because she has played a lot more of the game than I have.

Liesl tried playing some more of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker but she only managed to play a few minutes because she got really scared.  She isn’t ready to handle games with “bad guys”, especially in an action game where things happen in real time.  The she and Luciana played their news Barbie and Diego games.  Luciana picked up the Diego game very quickly and was really making progress.  It is basically a Diego themed copy of the Dora Snow Princess game that Liesl liked so much on the Wii and that was her first real game that she was able to play.

Dominica bought The Incredibles and Sky High from Amazon VOD today and we watched those tonight.  The girls did well and made it right through The Incredibles.  Doing two movies was, apparently, too much for them.  They lost interest and were not into Sky High which we ended up turning off halfway through and putting Luciana to bed with an iPad (and she was asleep very soon thereafter) and Liesl put in a little time playing some Wii games like their new Diego game and Cooking Mama.

We are finally at a point where both girls are able to play real video games on a normal video game console.  That is pretty neat.  Now begins the endless fighting over who gets to play what and when, of course.