July 20, 2014: More Wii Today

The girls got up on the early side this morning and both decided that they wanted to spend the morning playing on the Wii U.  They are improving so quickly!

We decided on getting Subway for lunch. Liesl is always super excited to be getting Subway. I have no idea what made her so addicted to Subway sandwiches but she really is. Just say “Liesl, what about Subway for lunch” and she gets a huge smile on her face and starts bouncing all over the house yelling “Subway! Subway! Subway!”. What is stranger is that the only sandwich that she likes is a plain Italian roll with lettuce, American cheese, green peppers and mayo. That’s it. She would eat tomatoes but they tend to make a mess. So it is effectively a lettuce sub. So weird. But she absolutely loves them. If only we could ease her into a few more veggies on there. Tomatoes, maybe cucumbers. Something.

I got our subs and returned to the house. Liesl had been watching a new show that she discovered “Tree Fu Tom” or something like that. It is really weird, whatever it is. Once I got home we switched to Jurassic Park, which Dominica just picked up from Amazon VOD (we pretty much buy all of our movies from there now – cheaper and we don’t have to store anything and all of our movies travel with us wherever we go too) which we have been wanting to watch with the girls for a long time. Liesl did not want to watch it, though, and so, as you can predict, she was unhappy with the entire movie. You have to “sell” these things before starting the movie or all hope is lost. She mostly pouted the entire time saying that it was boring and never scary or exciting. Dominica and I loved it though. Has been many, many years since either of us has seen it and it is mind blowing that it is twenty one years old now! I saw it in the movie theater many times when it first released. I saw it in high school and I know that I took a date (Tracy Miller) to it when I was at GMI in Flint, Michigan in the summer of 1994. (Russell, my later roommate, took Lisa Prox and the four of us drove there in Russell’s Chevy Z24.)

The one really funny moment of the movie was the very first time that they show the dinosaurs in the film. Liesl was sitting on the couch and when the giant brachiosaurus came on she literally slid off of the couch onto the floor, she was so amazed!

Ciana has been begging all weekend to go to the playground so we walked up there around five.  It was a nice walk up but the girls didn’t actually want to use the playground for very long today, so it was a short stay there.

The girls played a lot of video games this evening. They are loving the Wii U and Liesl told me that it was a really awesome surprise that I got for them. We are really relieved that they like it so much as it was a large purchase and we had no idea if there would be any games for them or if they would be interested in it at all. They are finding a lot of stuff that they really like to do and they enjoy watching me play it too which I would not have guessed. I played a bit of Wind Waker today and am way ahead of Dominica’s game now. Liesl and Luciana both thought that it was great fun to watch me play. They really get into the adventure. And since it is a Zelda game there is pretty much no story for them to follow making it much easier.

Both girls were super snuggly today. All day they pretty much just spent it snuggling with us on the couch. They have really, really missed being home together as a family, as have I.

After finally getting the girls to bed tonight, Dominica and I watched the first episode in the fourth season of “Sherlock” from the BBC. What an awesome show.