July 4, 2014: Waverly

I meant to get up early this morning and get on the road but I must have been exhausted or fighting off something because I did not wake up until eleven o’clock!  So much later than I had anticipated or even thought possible.  Even when I woke up I did not feel like it could possibly be that late at all and imagined that it was actually much, much earlier.  Not good, and email was not working this morning.  So I never got any messages from Dominica saying that they had left.  I checked email and thought that they must have been running late too.

I scrambled to get ready and was out the door very quickly.  Once I was on the road I started getting emails and realized that they had left before eight this morning and were nearly to Waverly already!

I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts and gas station on the circle heading out of town towards the Bear Mountain Bridge and got “breakfast” to eat while I drove.

Almost immediately after crossing the bridge I got stuck in horrific traffic.  I sat nearly at a stand still for a full hour!  So much for ever getting out to Waverly.

Later on the weather got bad and I was caught in bad rain that slowed me down a lot too.

So the drive took a really long time.  I was very proud of myself for managing to get to the family farm without needing any directions.  It is not in an easy to find spot and I have never driven there without Dominica before.  It was late afternoon when I finally arrived.  It turns out that the Tocco clan had decided that they were not spending the night tonight like I had been informed previously, because there was so much work to be done on the house tomorrow, so they were planning on leaving around six!  I had no idea about this until I arrived.  I thought that I was running late but that it was no big deal as we were spending the night.  Nope.  Instead I got there and only had about two hours before turning around to drive up to Frankfort.

So my day ended up being one with a lot more driving than I had intended.  An hour or more extra getting to Waverly and then about four more hours getting up to Frankfort.  Almost a ten hour driving day.

Dominica rode with me in the Spark and the girls went with Francesca and their cousins.  So Dominica and I got some time to hang out on the long drive.

It was fairly late when we got out to Frankfort so nothing in the plans for us this evening.