June 21, 2014: The First MangoLassi Meetup

I had to be up on the early side this morning as I had to work and because I am going into the city in the middle of the day I have to be sure to have as much done as possible this morning.  So I started work around seven this morning and went as late as I could, a little after noon.  I had worked until midnight last night getting as much prep work done as I could to make sure that this morning was as smooth as possible.

I worked all morning and Dominica worked on cleaning the house.  I was able to help a little bit only a little as I was actually on my laptop working all morning and had to prepare to go into the city.

Originally we had been hoping that Dominica would be able to go into the city with us today but our guests were running late and without them being able to make it to the house, pick her up, drop off Kelly to babysit and zip into the city Dominica would not be able to go.  By late morning we knew that shew as going to be stuck at home so at least she had a lot more leisure time to clean and get the house ready.

I worked as long as I could then jumped into the shower and zipped off to the train station.  I needed to speed up the trip into Manhattan so tried going to the Croton-Harmon station instead of Peekskill hoping to catch an earlier train.  No such luck.  There was a festival on today and parking at Croton was a nightmare.  It took so long that I missed the train and ended up taking the same train that I would have taken from Peekskill anyway.  So that was a waste of effort.

It was nice taking the train into the city.  I can’t believe that it has been almost five years since the last time that I did this.  It brings back memories of living in Peekskill long ago and commuting through Grand Central Terminal.

I was running late for the event so had to hustle from Grand Central to the subway to get to the place.  I was a bit late but it couldn’t be helped.  It was a small turnout, many fewer than even I had guessed but at least we had nearly a dozen.  Technology events are always incredibly hard to get people, even people who have committed and RSVP’d, to actually come out for.

The meeting was decent.  Pertino gave a presentation and both Pertino and xByte did some great prize giveaways.  Unfortunately, as seems to always happen, when it came time for me to speak there were technical issues and both the live stream and the recording system failed and my talk did not get preserved.    So that did not work out so well.

Paul and company were attempting to get to the event but ended up being very late after getting stuck in traffic at the Holland Tunnel and then driving all over Manhattan before getting to the MangoLassi Meetup. So they were there for my talk and the wrap up stuff but it was very late.

After the event, Paul, Karen, Kelly and I went to the Chelsea Market for some food and then they drove me back up to Peekskill which is a bit of a drive so I was able to give a little bit of a tour of Westchester County.

We had been thinking of going out this evening but it was already fairly late by the time that we all got to the house so the decision was to stay in and just hang out there trying out some amazing Scotch that Paul and brought with him from Missouri.

Everyone was pretty tired since they had been driving all day so it was an early night for everyone.  They want to see Manhattan tomorrow so need to be able to get up in the morning.