June 23, 2014: Just Work Even with House Guests

Luciana spent most of the night sleeping upside down with her feet up by our faces. How she gets like that during the night I have no idea. She starts off sleeping on a pillow like a normal person and migrates all over the bed during the night. Then, when it is time to get up in the morning, she is back with her head on a pillow as if nothing had happened.

The weather was gorgeous today. It will be great for Paul, Karen and Kelly going into Manhattan. Paul and Karen were awake and I saw them just as I was heading out the door. Dominica and the girls were going to drive them to the train station sometime later in the morning.

I got to the office at kind of the normal time, a few minutes after nine. Dominica, this morning, after dropping everyone off to catch the train took the girls to the big playground that the city of Peekskill has right on the Hudson River waterfront. The girls loved it. It is a lot bigger than our playground up at the complex and Liesl was able to climb stuff all over it. She has become quite a good climber. That was a really nice treat for them.

Work was extremely busy for me today and I did not manage to get out until rather late; I didn’t get to leave the office until after eight which meant I wasn’t home until after nine. Very late day. That meant that Dominica and the girls had to drive down to the train station to pick everyone up on their way home from Manhattan too since I could not get out of the office early enough to make it to Peekskill station to get them.
The girls were down in the basement playing with Kelly when I got home. Karen was already in bed, sick from food poisoning – she had had a very rough day. Paul and Dominica were hanging out on the deck. Paul bored some scotch for us and we had scotch and bagels (left over from yesterday morning) but it was a very short evening.

By eleven everyone was heading off to bed. I have to be up at five thirty tomorrow so that I can be in the office by eight. It is going to be another long day.