June 25, 2014: The Family Leaves

This morning our house guests drove into Manhattan for their day.  They are not staying with us tonight but rather going to Washington, D.C. late this afternoon.  And Dominica and the girls are leaving shortly after I do this morning to head up to Frankfort for a week to help out with the “new” house that the Toccos have purchased and to visit with everyone up there since Francesca and the kids are home for the summer.  So when I left for work it was to begin a long stretch of lonely time for me at home.

I went in to work just a little on the late side this morning since I was saying goodbye to everyone.

After work tonight I just came home and had a quiet evening at home, by myself.  Very boring, but my first night after everyone has left me is always my time to just catch up on my “centering” time and get myself ready for the time that I have stretching out in front of me.

We are trying to decide if I should go up to Frankfort this weekend.  We are currently planning that I will be home alone this weekend since we are all going to Frankfort next weekend for the Fourth of July holiday.