June 27, 2014: Heading to Frankfort Myself

Went to work this morning, nothing special during the day.  After work I came home and spent a little time getting caught up on some things and getting the car packed.  Originally I had been planning on not going to Frankfort this weekend.  Then we changed that and I was going to go up tomorrow morning.  But today during the day they decided that I really need to be there all day tomorrow so I am getting ready and driving up tonight.

I managed to leave at nine and it was around one in the morning when I pulled into Frankfort.  Dominica was still awake, more or less, waiting for me.  She let me into the house and we were straight off to bed.  We have the small room with Liesl and Luciana bunking with us.  Dominica has her own bed.  Luciana has the little bed.  And Liesl and I are sharing a twin.  Liesl was fast asleep and didn’t know that I had driven up until morning.