June 28, 2014: The House

Today is the day for me to help everyone work on the new house next door to Dominica’s parents’ house.  Before we got started Madeline and Emily made a trip for donuts and half moons from the Friendly Bake Shop but did not get nearly enough so Emily and I made a trip there as well and to Stewart’s for cookies.  We got a huge load of donuts for everyone preparing to work on the house.

This morning was my first time getting a first hand look at the house and the dumpster that was already a third full of junk and garbage taken out of the house.  We did a crazy amount of work today which was amazing considering how much work has already been done this week.  There is just so much to do and the house is so disgusting that it is really hard to be productive.

Almost first thing this morning Dominica managed to puncture her hand with something nasty in the house and had to go to an urgent care facility to get a tetanus shot because she has not had one in a long time.  So we lost her for a few hours.  She was probably thankful for the puncture and shot rather than being in the house all of that time.  On top of being disgusting it is pretty hot today making it all that much worse.  We are all drenched in sweat.

The house was truly disgusting, I can only imagine what it was like before they spent the better part of the week working on it before I got here.  There is so much trash out in the dumpster already!  We moved a ton of furniture today, which was pretty risky as there are needles and razor blades hidden all over the place.  I actually never saw a needle but heard about them finding tons of them but I did see and find razors galore including in the ceiling and all through the furniture.

My part to play is primarily in moving the big, heavy stuff down from the upstairs.  Furniture mostly.  We made big progress today but they have decided that they need to keep the dumpster a little longer and do this all this coming week and I will be coming back up next weekend to continue with the heavy lifting parts to get the rest of the furniture out and to help lift the big stuff up out of the basement.

By this evening we were seriously exhausted.  The heat really made it a lot harder than it should have been.  Had it been a cool day and there not have been risks from blades and needles it would have been pretty easy.

Madeline got to watch all of the kids all day.  Liesl and Luciana are having a lot of fun playing with their cousins.

So the new plan is that Dominica and the girls are going to stay up here for a few weeks now rather than just for the original three days that had been planned when they left Peekskill earlier this week.  The original plan was that they would have been home this morning.  Now we don’t know when they will be home but at least not for another week yet.