June 30, 2014: Beginning the Lonely Week

And my lonely week begins.  Last week was only a partial week alone but this week is a full week.  On my drive into the office this morning I began rereading Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation.”  I last read “Foundation” somewhere in the vicinity of the seventh grade.  I can remember reading it and the other two books in the trilogy while at Pavilion Baptist School and I associate it with the classroom that they used for us in seventh grade so I am guessing that that is when I read it but it is really hard to say for sure, it might have been earlier.  “Foundation” has been one of my all time favourite books since I originally read it.  Such a great classic.

After work I just came home and did nothing. I am pretty much avoiding the house in general and just camping out in the bedroom.  At least I am getting some “me” time, but more than I would like, that’s for sure.  Quite a bit depressed being alone this much.