August 12, 2014: Luciana’s Fever

Got into work before eight this morning. Quite early for me. I’ve been slowly getting myself in earlier and earlier.

Dominica emailed to say that Ciana is feeling under the weather today and might be a bit on the warm side. She took a nap this afternoon while everyone was at the library again. Today was storytime at the Peekskill Library and Liesl got the “W” mat (I am not sure what that means) and sat front and center, really engrossed in the story and asked questions and everything. That is so perfect for the girls. Luciana sat with her mommy and fell asleep in her arms, though. Something is up with her for sure.

I was at work until well after seven not getting home until eight thirty. When I got there Luciana was sleeping against Dominica on the couch. I felt her and it was obvious that she really had a fever. I held her for a while, we got her some medicine and she was right off to bed. She could barely tell that I was home. Poor little girl.

Once Ciana was all set in bed I played an hour or more of Wind Waker for Liesl who was very insistent that I play more tonight. I got through one more, small part of the game and did some general exploring. Liesl had fun.

Did a little work tonight and got off to bed.