August 14, 2014: Luciana’s Fever Still Raging

Originally the whole family was going to take today to go into Manhattan to spend the day there.  We’ve not been to the city for years and the girls have never gotten to go there.  Liesl has been wanting to see it.  Luciana’s fever was pretty bad today, though, and not getting better like we had hoped so we had to give up on that.

We all drove down to the playground by the water front around ten this morning.  Unfortunately a bunch of older kids got to the playground right as we did.  Normally Liesl and Luciana get the place to themselves.

This evening we had dinner at the Westchester Diner since we were nearby.  It has been a while since we went there.  Dinner was good.  Luciana had mac and cheese.  Liesl had pancakes.

Did not get home from dinner until pretty late.  Just watched a little Wizards of Waverly Place and were off to bed at a reasonable time.