August 22, 2014: Dominica’s New Laptop Arrives

It is already Friday.  This was a fast week.  During the day Dominica’s new laptop, a little HP Pavilion 10z arrived.  It is a very small, AMD-based dual core unit with Windows 8.1 and only 2GB of RAM but a touch screen and really just meant for her to be able to do basic tasks, surf the web and read her email from the couch.  It is so much small and lighter (and newer) than the old Windows 7 15″ laptop that she has been using.  And the battery should last at least twice as long or possibly much more.

Dominica had the laptop all set up and was using it all day.  This is the first touch screen laptop that we have actually owned ourselves.  I have worked on them before elsewhere but now we have one at home.  I have to admit that they are kind of handy for certain things.  Especially if you work in a dark room where looking at the keyboard can be difficult.  So she seems pretty pleased with it and you really can’t beat the fact that we got it for just $168!

This evening when I got home I had to talk to Katie for a while then I spent much of the evening working on building an ownCloud 7.0.1 server running on OpenSuse 13.1.  That went pretty well and was a fun project.  I have been wanting to try out ownCloud for months but have not had any time to look into it.  It was fun and a good learning experience too.  Did some new stuff.  Not all done tonight but a lot of it was completed.

I had to do some work for the office this evening and am scheduled to work in the morning as wel.