August 8, 2014: Dominica Leave for the Weekend

We got to sleep in some this morning.  We had originally thought that Dominica’s ride was going to come this morning but she didn’t end up coming until twelve thirty.  I suppose that I could have gone into the office and worked a half day but that is just way too much driving for only working half of a day.  Could have been as much as three hours in the car plus all the stress of racing back to get home in time for Dominica to get on the road.  It would have been a bad time investment.  If I am taking the day of, I should also take off from driving all of that way or it is really silly.

So the morning was mostly just getting Dominica ready to go.  We didn’t really do anything.  It was nice to just relax.  It is so rare that I have a three day weekend and I get to spend it at home!

Before leaving, Dominica ran out and did some shopping.  She managed to stop and get Subway for all of us which we ate shortly before she left.  That left me with some leftovers for Liesl which would make the weekend easier.

Dominica was off at twelve thirty and now it is just the kids and me until Sunday afternoon.

The girls have really been looking forward to me playing Wind Waker once Dominica was gone.  So that was a big focus of the day.  I am well behind Dominica in the game and need to do a lot of catching up to be where she is.  It is handy that Liesl has watched Dominica play it and remembers absolutely everything and was able to help me extensively.  By the end of the evening I was almost exactly where Dominica is in the game.  Now tomorrow I can work on getting ahead of her.  Liesl is rooting for “team daddy” as she calls it.  Liesl loves turning all of the mundane things in life into competitions.

The girls were excited that they got to sleep in our room tonight.  They were looking forward to not having to sleep in their own room all week.  And for two guaranteed nights in a row, a rare treat for them.  They would never sleep in their own rooms if it was up to them.  And they would never sleep in ours if it was up to Dominica as she likes having a lot of free space.