August 9, 2014: A Full Day with the Girls

Today is our one full day of just me and the girls.

Today we spent most of the day just hanging out.  We slept in then I re-introduced Liesl to The Wizards of Waverly Place which she kind of remembered from when she was very little but she really did not remember any of the show so it was basically like she was seeing it for the first time but it felt a little familiar.  It took a few episodes for her to warm up to it but once she did she was really into it.  Luciana liked it from the start but never got as excited as Liesl.  We actually managed to watch the entire first season today!

The best part of the show was whenever the title music would come on Liesl would jump up and dance like crazy to it.  So funny.

For dinner I ordered in from the Chinese restaurant that allows us to order completely online.  That’s so nice we will probably never do anything else.  I tried out their sweet and sour shrimp this evening and some other tofu items that I knew would keep so that we would have leftovers tomorrow.  The girls, of course, just got vegetables lomein.  One of their favourite dishes.

We played some Wind Waker this evening but it was incredibly frustrating because we got to a spot where I am stuck.  Really unsure if I will be able to continue playing.

Luciana got upset at bedtime tonight and ended up putting herself to bed in her own room alone.  Very unusual.