July 26, 2014: Luciana Falls Down the Stairs

Luciana sneaked into our room this morning at around seven and climbed into bed and snuggled with me for a while.  We had to get up at eight thirty as the guys were coming to fix our broken bedroom ceiling this morning at nine.

The family was all up and ready when the repair guys came, there were two of them.  We had to move everything in our bedroom to make room for them, as expected.  This gives us a good chance to clean under the bed I suppose.

Liesl and Luciana wanted to watch me play Wind Waker this morning on the Wii U so we set up in the living room to do that and played for a while.  After about half an hour, Luciana was upset about something and went upstairs to change her clothes so I went up to help her.  Once she was dressed she started to go downstairs.  I was a bit behind her, still in the bedroom, and she slipped off of the top step and did not manage to catch the railing and pitched forward going head over heels the entire way down the stairs.  Eleven steps in all.  She did not roll at all, it was all straight down in the most horrific fashion you can imagine.  It was horrifying.  There was nothing at all that I could do.  She was too far in front of me there was no way to reach her.  Dominica and Liesl could hear the noise and me yelling.

Luciana hit the landing hard and in a terrible position.  I ran down the stairs as quickly as I could safely.  Dominica lept off of the couch forgetting that she had a laptop on her lap and came running but I was to Luciana much faster.  Poor Liesl did not know what to do and just collapsed in the middle of the living room sobbing heavily – she was terrified that Luciana was hurt.

I picked Ciana up in my arms and we tried to determine how bad the damage was.  Dominica immediately noticed that Ciana had blood coming out of her left eye socket.  None of her limbs seemed to be broken.  She was crying heavily so at least we knew that she was partially alright.  Dominica threw on shoes and we took Ciana straight out to the Acadia and they ran to the hospital to take Ciana to the ER.  I noticed when putting her into the car that her mouth was bleeding too.  I asked Ciana where it hurt and she only said her eye, which she would not open so I could not inspect it at all.

I stayed at the house with Liesl and the painting crew.  Liesl took a long time to calm down.  She was really scared.

While they were gone we played more of Wind Waker for a while and got through another “level” of the game.  Then I took some time to buy and download Mario Kart 8 which took more than an hour to download and about half an hour to install.  But we had to get it before the end of the month so that we would get another game free too with it so I did that today.  The Mario Kart games are always good choices.

While it was downloading Dominica got home with Luciana.  They were gone for less than two hours.  They got to the ER which is fortunately really close to use, maybe five minutes away tops, and she was rushed straight in. The doctor only really kept her in for observation, though.  They thought that she was doing okay and were not too concerned.  She got a coloring book there and stickers.

So that made for a very scary morning.  My guess is that this might be the earliest memory that Luciana retains.  We will have to see in ten years if she ends up remembering this.  She was in good spirits when they got home and ran across the parking lot to see me.

This evening we were pretty worn out and did not want to do anything, so we ordered in Chinese.