August 24, 2014: Wind Waker Day

After being so busy yesterday, today I dedicated most of the day to playing Wind Waker with the girls which made them exceedingly happy.  We played from first thing in the morning until Dominica made lunch and we took a break and watched 30 Rock.  But we went back to playing Wind Waker after that.  I still focused on all of the little side stuff today and wrapping up discovering all of the map.  I am ready to tackle a lot more the next time that I play.  This was a gaming “utility” weekend.

For dinner we ordered in Chinese from the place that lets us order online.  We are addicted to that now.

This evening we bought the new season of Doctor Who on Amazon VOD and watched the one episode that was available with the girls.  This is the first episode with the new doctor.  The girls thought that that was a great evening.

We got the girls off to bed on the late side then stayed up ourselves to watch the first episode of the fourth season of Downton Abby which we have resisted watching until now.

All in all, it was a very good family day.